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Spanking A Submissive Scammer

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Spanking A Submissive Scammer by Submissived

Spanking A Submissive Scammer BDSM porn video with Khloe Kapri:

Porn video info:

Studio: Submissived
Pornstars: Khloe Kapri,
Release Date: August 20, 2018
Length: 10:27 minutes


Wow, Khloe Kapri really thinks she is slick talking about how she stole some guys money.
That is just not cool! But our stud is going to teach her a lesson. He sneaks up behind her, throws a bag over her head, and then ties her to a door frame.
She is scared, but for some reason her pussy is dripping wet. Khloe tells our stud he can do whatever he wants to her, and he takes her up on the offer.
He spanks her silly, while she has a gag in her mouth. Then he fucks her from behind while her arms are still tied up.
She deepthroats him like the submissive whore that she is, and then is lead to the bed on her hands and knees.
She gets fucked silly until finally our stud sprays his load and then chokes her a bit to remind her who is boss.
Just remember who you work for Khloe!

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